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Just Me ® Make-up Remover Face-towel

Just Me ® Make-up Remover Face-towel



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We all know that chemicals and soap dehydrate the skin and that accelerates ageing.

Just Me® is a natural way to remove makeup, no soaps or chemicals.....JUST WATER!  Just Me® removes all make-up including (but not limited to) mascara, eyeliner, lipsticks, face paint and mud masks.


What’s even better is that Just Me® is REUSABLE!  Just put it in the washing machine and it's ready to use again!


Lasting up to 6 years, Just Me® is the most practical, economical and long-lasting cleansing face-towel you could wish for.

  • Contents

    1 face-towel (approx 27 x 21cm) - boxed

  • Use and Care Instructions

    Directions for Use
    Wash before use 
    Just add warm water 
    Wipe away make-up, mud masks and face paint 
    Apply moisturiser 
    Rinse and hang up to dry for re-use

    Care Instructions
    Towel must be washed before use 
    Machine wash when necessary 
    Do not tumble dry

  • Further Info

    How do Just Me® make-up remover face-towels work?
    The key difference between Just Me® make-up remover face-towels and regular washcloths is the patented technology which gives a visibly dense surface area. The dense pile is made of many small threads (secret fibre blend technology), a lot more threads than if they were normal sized.


    The greater surface area combined with the fibre technology, allows for more grip, friction and drawing action, so that each wipe has the capability to remove double-based waterproof make-up with no irritation.


    The smaller fibres can get into cracks too small for normal cloths and can get under finer particles of make-up and bind to dirt and hold on to it better. Adding warm water to the removal process improves the deep cleaning properties of the cloth.

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