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Bergamot is such a versatile essential oil.  The uses for this essential oil are countless.  The emotional relevance of bergamot is one of promoting self-love.


As with Grapefruit, assisting in particular for physical self loathing, Bergamot is your essential oil for self-judgment, low self-esteem, feelings of despair.  Promoting self-love and reducing the inner voice of doubt that impacts on our limiting belief systems.  This oil will assist with breaking the cycle of negativity and making positive changes.  Bergamot can also assist with depression, grief and sadness.


Bergamot has a photosynthesis aspect, so must be used away from sunlight.  

  • Ingredients

    Common Name Scientific Name Source Country
    Bergamot (Bergaptene free) Citrus bergamia Italy


  • Further Information

    We do not encourage oral consumption of our oils, however, it is up to the user’s discretion if they choose to use our oils orally or for cooking.

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