Our Story

Oils Of Origin, is a Western Australian brand, which has been developed with the passion, knowledge and integrity of two partners renowned in their individual industries for quality, ethical business practices and affordability.  One has developed an internationally acclaimed and respected organic skincare and makeup empire, and the other a therapist in the field of Bowen Therapy and Reflexology, who has always looked for quality essential oils to use in conjunction with the therapies offered.

It became apparent to us, that there was a huge gap in the essential oil market.  In particular, the Western Australian essential oil market was becoming flooded with internationally-based, multi-level marketing companies that whilst appearing to satisfy the interest and need for essential oils, we believed were charging exorbitant prices and taking their profits off-shore.  We found that when requested from some of these large companies, there appeared to be a lack of transparency with regards to product quality and information (which under Australian law is required and consumers are entitled to have).  All these issues raised questions in our minds and sparked our driving passion to create an essential oil business that embraces an honest brand with practices which would have a strong focus on product and business integrity.  

We believe that our customers will appreciate this when comparing the range and prices of our products with those our competitors, and that yes, it is possible for a Western Australian business to produce high quality, affordable,natural essential oils and blends.

Our Philosophy

  • Provide a high end range of natural Essential oils for the use of the health and wellbeing of our customers

  • Source best quality natural ingredients from trusted growers

  • Be fully transparent with the ingredients and sources of our products

  • Offer ethically produced products

  • Ensure affordable pricing

  • Remain a locally owned and operated Western Australian enterprise

  • Cater to the needs of our customers

Oils of Origin Drops-Single.png
Oils of Origin Drops-Single.png